Solar Rebates are a big topic and one that I’m sure many people would like to know more about prior to getting their solar panels installed. The brief overview is this, there are 3 different types of rebates available to you:

Feed-in Tariffs
Government Rebates
Special Financing and Tax Benefits

Government Rebate

As incentive for people to make the switch to renewable energy the government will offer a rebate on the price of your solar panels. The rebate works based on the number of megawatts the system is expected to produce over 15 years. This means that the majority of the cost will be covered right away. Fill out the quote for to the right of the page or simply call us on 1300 926 166 to find out which system will suit your needs and what rebate you’re entitled to.

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Special Financing and Tax Benefits

Among other solar power rebates you will be entitled to SpecialFinancing and Tax Benefits. Many of these can benefits can be collected during the planning stages of your solar panel install. For more information on other rebates please call us on 1300 926 166 or fill out our quote for to the left of screen.

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