Solar Panels Perth

In Perth, solar panels are without a doubt your best bet at saving big on your power bill and doing your bit for the environment. 

With quality solar panels, a great solar panel installation team and some outstanding solar panel battery storage you’ll have everything you need to go off-grid, or massively reduce your electricity bill.

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Why Choose Solar Power in Perth

As you know, our city is incredibly sunny all year long. Whether you’re in the north or the south, you can bet that you’ll see a lot of sun at least part of the day, and of course, this means that you’ll be generating electricity all day long.

 Sunshine Year-round

Affordable Installations

Great Government Grants

If you get your hands on the best solar panels in Perth, you’ll be able to harness all of that energy hitting your roof, with no trouble at all. That’s why thousands of us rely on solar in WA, because it works, it’s affordable and it’s a great way to save money.

About Our Solar Panel Installations

With a team like Solar Panel Perth on your side, getting solar power in Perth will be a breeze. All you’ll need to do is reach out to the team, speak with us about how much energy you’d like to offset from the Solar PV system we’ll take it from there.

Once we have asked you a few vital questions and reviewed your available roof space at the ideal orientation we’ll then work on determining the best solar panel packages for your home.

You’ll be happy to know that there’s an ideal size for all home and budget, so paying almost nothing for your electricity bill is a possibility here in Perth – thanks to our endless sunshine!

Check out our solar blog for more information about this benefit!

Our Solar Services

To make solar power in Perth as simple as possible, we offer an array of essential services. If you’re looking to have panels installed for the first time or upgrade your existing system we’re the team to call.

Residential Solar Installation

Solar panel installation for family homes is effortless with Perth Solar Power Installation. We’ll assess your requirements, power use, roof orientation and work on selecting a solar panel package for you. We’ll then deal with Synergy and Western Power applications, complete required system ordering, final design and install your system within a week or two.

Commercial Solar Installation

It’s no secret that businesses require a lot of electricity, though with ample roof space you’re in the perfect position to cut your power bill to almost zero. Work with us to choose your ideal solar power system size up to 100kw and we will be able to consult, advise, design and process the necessary applications to install your system in the minimum amount of time.

Solar Inverters

A quality, reliable solar panel inverter is essential to the effectiveness of your system, and at Solar Panel Perth we’re here to make sure you’re set up for success. If you’re looking to replace an existing solar panel inverter in Perth, or buy a new one for a new system, we have multiple inverters to suit.

Solar Battery Installation

Keep the lights on when the power goes out with high capacity solar panel battery storage. Make it easy to save and store excess electricity for when you need it most. Our rural and off-grid customers will have no trouble at all keeping the power running through the night, without a mains connection.

Solar Panel Cleaning

If your panels aren’t producing the electricity they used to, there’s a good chance you’ve got a build-up of gunk on top them. Our comprehensive solar panel cleaning service makes sure your panels are all-clear and able to generate their maximum advertised output. You could save hundreds off your power bill over the course of a year after a clean.

Solar Panel Repairs & Maintenance

When the worst happens, we’re not going to leave you in the dark. For our customers who may have had electrical problems, a cracked or damaged panel and even a totally disconnected system, we’re here to help. Our affordable solar repairs will make sure you’re up and running in no time.

Based on 17 reviews.
Deck Cook
Deck Cook
15. June, 2020.
Very pleased with my residential solar panel install. Very professional service from the team and a great price. Would highly recommend them to anyone installing solar panels on their home or business.
Lindsay Santiago
Lindsay Santiago
13. June, 2020.
Big thanks to the team at Perth Solar Power Installations! Couldn't be happier with the solar panel installation, they were a great addition and look fantastic. Team are very friendly and knowledgeable.
Shane B
Shane B
2. May, 2020.
The team at Perth Solar Power Installations were able to tailor a system that suited my specific needs. I received a lot of information and all my questions were promptly answered. The installation team was prompt, professional and courteous. I'm very happy with the outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.
Michael Cranley
Michael Cranley
5. March, 2020.
The boys arrived on time, and completed the job of installing 21 panels without a hassle. They were polite, cleaned up the mess and were very professional. I would certainly recommend them. Good job
Shelley Chindwin
Shelley Chindwin
2. April, 2019.
Explained every aspect of what to expect and was very patient with all our questions.
Katherine Montgomery
Katherine Montgomery
1. January, 2019.
After shopping around for many months I was very happy in our decision to get Perth Solar Power Installations to carry out the solar panel install at our house. The quality of work was excellent and they were very professional the entire time. So we have our solar panels in place and ready to make use of that Summer sun. Cheers, guys!
Jonathan Palmer
Jonathan Palmer
31. December, 2018.
Heading into Summer we knew we wanted a solar system that would suit our needs being out on a rural property. With so many factors to consider the thought of committing to a system was a little daunting. The team at Perth Solar Power Installations did a fantastic job of fielding our questions and helping us come up with a solar panel system that was perfect for us. The quality of the installation was awesome and overall the entire process was actually really straight forward and simple. Big shout out to the team, thanks.
Ethan Handfield
Ethan Handfield
20. September, 2018.
Great advice given from the team. I needed solar panels for a commercial property and was impressed with the knowledge and packages Perth Solar Power Installation's were able to offer. They were able to provide me with a full custom package that not only met my budget but suited the size and logistics of the property it was being installed on. Great work guys!

Our Solar Tips for Australians

We know solar energy seems complex, especially if you’ve not done a tonne of research, we’re here to help out. Take a look at all of our solar tips below and you’ll soon find out just how great solar power in Perth can be!

How much is the solar rebate in WA?

For those investing in solar installation in 2019, the federal government subsidises the panel cost and installation at around $630 per kW. As an example, if you’re having a 5kW system installed, you could be eligible for upwards of $3,100 off your total cost.
There are a few other factors to keep in mind which include:
• The system must be less than 100kW.
• The system must be installed by a Clean Energy Council certified professional.
• The system must be comprised of panels and inverters which meet Clean Energy Council standards.
If you’re sure to follow these requirements, and a few others outlined by the Clean Energy Council of Australia, you could save thousands off your panel installation thanks to the government’s rather generous rebates.

What are Perth’s Feed in Tariffs?

If you have a large enough system that creates more electricity than you use, your power will be fed back into the city’s grid. In Perth, you will be paid for this electricity generation based on where in WA you live.
The two primary Feed in Tariffs in WA include:
• For Synergy customers: 7.135 cents per kWh
• For Horizon Power customers: 7.14 cents to 51 cents per kWh
As you can see, it’s certainly possible for you to reduce your electricity bill if you have a large enough system. If you’re not using much power during the day, your panels could be making you enough excess power to forgo your typical energy bill.

How much does it cost to go solar?

Initially, solar power can be seen as rather expensive, though in time you’ll see some incredible savings as most solar systems pay themselves off within a decade or less. Keep in mind that the main factor that will affect your solar panel’s cost is generally location.
If you’re in a rural area, the cost will be far higher than in the city.
Take a look at the breakdown of solar costs:
• For a small family home: $2,000 to $4,000
• For a medium family home: $3,000 to $6,500
• For a large family home: $4,500 to $9,500
The annual electricity bill savings from panels can reach up to $1,000 for the smaller systems and through to $2,200 for the most extensive systems here in Perth.

Solar Panels – Top 5 Things to Know

For those new to solar energy in Perth, there are a few essential things you need to know. If you want to get the most out of your panels, make a financial return on your power bill or make sure your panels last as long as possible, take a look at our five things to know below.

1. Understand Efficiency

Understand that the efficiency of a panel does factor in several aspects in converting sunlight into usable electricity however ultimately the lower the efficiency the lower watt output of a panel. Therefore if the panel has a lower watt output more panels would be needed to total the system size being installed. One of the most overlooked facets of buying solar panels in Perth are the levels of efficiency.
Therefore understanding that the higher the efficiency the less roof space is needed for your system. Higher than 18%efficient panels is also an earmark to eliminate anything less and determine the production quality and standards of the panel producer above this.

2. Choosing PV Quality

In the past, choosing panels with a high PV quality was difficult and rather impossible to know if you’re not an expert in the field. However, with regulation and government control it’s easier than ever to find a solar panel array that’s trustworthy.
The Clean Energy Council has a list of approved PV modules, inverters and brands to ensure you’re buying into panels that are durable, trusted and aren’t going to become ineffective too soon.
It’s also good to know that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will be able to protect you under certain circumstances. For panels that aren’t as advertised or work poorly, you may be eligible for a replacement.
It’s also good to know that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will be able to protect you under certain circumstances. For panels that aren’t as advertised or work poorly, you may be eligible for a replacement.

3. Selecting a Country of Origin

A small thing to note when purchasing solar panels in Western Australia is making sure you’re selecting a brand, or a specific panel, that is coming out of Germany, Australia and other regulated countries.

4. Determining Cost per Watt

Another major point to know is how effective your panels are at creating energy on a price per watt basis. If your panels are inefficient, the cost of each watt created will be high, and therefore won’t be great when it comes to returns.
As a general guide, your panels should be producing a watt of energy for around $0.67 to $1.60. If the panel’s cost per watt is higher than $1.60, you might be dealing with some costly and inefficient panels.
You will notice when shopping for panels that there are a number of deals and cost per watt adverts that seem far too good to be true. This is often because they are. Use our outline above to get an understanding of the pricing you should expect and stray from anything suspicious.

5. Technical Specifications

One final thing to know when buying solar panels is looking into the specifications of the system, which includes the panels output, the inverter and more.

Why Perth’s the Best City for Solar Power

As you’ll know, Perth is one of Australia’s sunniest cities. We have almost 6 hours of Peak Sun Hours per day, making solar panels more effective here than in almost any other capital city in Australia and amongst the

With these sunshine hours in mind, you’re doing your best to reduce your power bill and reduce CO2 emissions by investing in solar. Keep in mind that sunshine is fuel for your panels, and in Perth there’s much more fuel than we all need.

Take a look below at our energy output guide below for your system in Perth:

For a 1.5kW system: Output of 6 to 7kW per day

For a 2kW system: Output of 8 to 9 kW per day

For a 5 kW system: Output of 20 to 22 kW per day

For a 7 kW system: Output of 28 to 30 kW per day

For a 10kW system: Output of 40 to 44kW per day

As you can see, Perth’s relentless sunshine means that regardless of your solar system’s size, you’ll be making enough power to dramatically reduce your electricity bill and your emissions. You might even find that your panels can take your electricity use entirely off-grid.

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