Solar Panel Cleaning Services

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Solar Panel Cleaning Services

For all homeowners and businesses investing in solar panels in Perth, an ongoing and professional cleaning service is a non-negotiable. Our city’s incredible weather and climate may be fantastic for us, but for our panels, it can sometimes be a nightmare.

Over time, saline air, dust, leaves and other debris can build up atop our panel’s glass, cutting our
energy product by up 30 per cent! You could be losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year if you forgo a thorough solar panel clean in Perth, so reach out to our team today.

At the end of the day, a routine solar panel clean is a whole lot more affordable than replacing your solar panels due to irreparable damage from debris and corrosion.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

To ensure we’re equipped to clean every solar panel in Perth, we offer our services to everyone from residential homeowners, business owners, industrial workplaces and even large-scale government panel arrays.

For Homeowners — we’re more than equipped to clean panels on single and double storey homes. We provide high-pressure washing systems as well as cleaning agents and solutions to remove tough debris and grime. You’ll see a boost in energy production almost immediately.

For Business — we understand that your investment in solar panels is integral to your organisations income, so we offer comprehensive small and large-scale panel cleaning services for business. Whether atop a regional store, or an inner-city boutique, our experts are able to help.

For Government — for government-owned infrastructure including schools, hospitals and emergency buildings, our team is able to move forward with thorough solar panel cleans. We’re able to assist in the clean of large-scale solar panel arrays, keeping the entire suite of panels pristine and operating efficiently.

How the Panel Clean Works

We’re proud to offer one of the most effortless solar panel cleaning services here in Perth, all our customers need to do is sit back and relax.

The process typically begins with a panel array assessment which will allow the team to develop a plan of action if the panels are particularly dirty. Once we’ve determined the task at hand, we’ll begin setting up safety gear and get moving with the clean, it’s that simple.

After the clean is complete, you can leave the tidy up process to us. We won’t leave anything at your place of business or your home, so you can continue with your day to day as normal.

Why Solar Panel Cleaning in Perth

Over the course of a year, you could be dealing with countless pieces of debris landing on your solar panels, which rarely budge.

A business or home by the sea is likely to be dealing with dust and saline air corrosion, which could effectively push your panels into early retirement — unless they’re cleaned on a routine basis.

All in all, you could gain up to a 30 percent increase in power output with a professional solar panel clean, which could amount to thousands of dollars a year in savings for the largest of

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    Katherine Montgomery
    Katherine Montgomery
    08:15 01 Jan 19
    After shopping around for many months I was very happy in our decision to get Perth Solar Power Installations to carry out the solar panel install at our house. The quality of work was excellent and they were very professional the entire time. So we have our solar panels in place and ready to make use of that Summer sun. Cheers, guys!
    Jonathan Palmer
    Jonathan Palmer
    15:56 31 Dec 18
    Heading into Summer we knew we wanted a solar system that would suit our needs being out on a rural property. With so many factors to consider the thought of committing to a system was a little daunting. The team at Perth Solar Power Installations did a fantastic job of fielding our questions and helping us come up with a solar panel system that was perfect for us. The quality of the installation was awesome and overall the entire process was actually really straight forward and simple. Big shout out to the team, thanks.
    Ethan Handfield
    Ethan Handfield
    16:36 20 Sep 18
    Great advice given from the team. I needed solar panels for a commercial property and was impressed with the knowledge and packages Perth Solar Power Installation's were able to offer. They were able to provide me with a full custom package that not only met my budget but suited the size and logistics of the property it was being installed on. Great work guys!
    William Barkman
    William Barkman
    16:33 19 Sep 18
    Amazing job on the solar panel installation! Tidy workmanship, professional and knowledgeable staff and a 3 kw solar package that didn't break the bank? What more could you want from a solar company? Awesome!
    Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson
    05:23 14 Jul 18
    After dealing with many other companies and having a few 'no shows' I finally stumbled upon Perth Solar Power Installations. They were outstanding! Very professional and knowledgeable on the best way for me to get bang for buck. They listed to what I was after and came up with a package that suited me perfectly. The installation was carried out to a very high standard as well.
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