Solar Battery Installation

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Keep the lights on when the power goes out.

As Perth’s leaders in renewable energy installation, we’re the go-to team for solar battery installation. You’ll soon have ongoing renewable power at any time of day, at an affordable price.

With boosting Western Australian renewable energy production being our prime focus, we’re the team to seamlessly pair solar panels and battery installation to keep our customer’s lights on, without relying on mains power at all times. We’ll take care of solar battery ordering, installation and testing, so storing your unused solar energy for later is easier than ever.

Hold on to any excess power and cut back on your mains reliance at night.

Keep the lights on when the power goes out.

Although there are a tonne of batteries and brands to sift through, leave it to Perth Solar Power Installations to do it all for you. We take care of sourcing and install, so you’ll only need to sit back and relax.

We work hard to ensure everyone’s solar battery installation is as fluid and stress-free as possible, so we remain as transparent as possible. We’ll let you know which battery we’re choosing, why that specific model and what it’s technicals are. You’ll be in the loop at all times, so there are no nasty surprises. Here’s what we’ll get up to:

Capacity Assessment

ensuring your home’s power usage is met by your new batteries and your solar output keeping power bills low.

Location Selection

to install your solar batteries in a safe, secure space keeping them out of harm’s way and making sure they last a long time.

Customer Support

once we’re finished, you’re free to give us a call should any issue arise or if you’d like any general support.

Power Usage Insight

so you’ll know what savings to expect from your energy bills in the coming months to years.

Selection and Install

to keep focused on your budget and ensuring your needs are met, we’ll source and install everything within a few days.

Decade Warranties

there’s no need to fret about replacements, re-installs or damages as manufacturer warranties cover just about everything.

With our outstanding household battery installations, you’ll be on your way to an off-grid or reduced emissions home in no time. You’ll soon see your solar panels produce and store power that you can actively use come nightfall, reducing your home and family’s reliance on expensive mains power.

Hold on to your solar energy your panels produce during the day, and have a battery installation by Perth Solar Power Installations today.

Keep the lights on when the power goes out.

We’re not shy about installing the best of the best, so we make sure to provide batteries with the most optimal feature set.

No Maintenance

Leak-Proof Fast Discharge

Recovery No Fumes Quick

Charge 2,000+ Cycles

Let’s Get Started

Store all your excess solar power and reduce mains power reliance.

Make use of our high-efficiency, deep-cycle solar batteries and reduce your costly mains energy consumption and keep the lights on when the power goes out. There’s no easier way to install solar batteries than with Perth Solar Power installations today.

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