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Residential Solar Installation in Perth

Effortlessly save your business money and usher in a new era of renewable energy with us at Perth Solar Power Installations  today. There’s never been a better time to invest in commercial solar in Perth, and we’re here to help.

At Perth Solar Power Installation we offer our commercial customers in Perth access to leading, reliable and high-efficiency solar panels to keep their businesses running without paying through the nose for power. With sunshine almost all year-round, Perth is fantastic for companies looking to capitalise on the free rays hitting their roofs and car parks all day long.

Take a look below at how our commercial solar is helping businesses save big, and improve customer satisfaction.

Reducing Power Use and Cutting Bills

Installing commercial solar here in Perth is an incredible way to save thousands on your business’s energy bill over the course of the year. With even the smaller solar panel arrays, you could still cut up to 20 per cent off your power bill.

With plenty of savings on the horizon, you and your business could easily redirect this extra cash back into the development of products, hiring a new team member or sprucing up your store, office space or shed.

Add to this the fact your customers will be able to see your panels, you’ll be keeping them happy too, as today’s eagle-eyed consumers pay great attention to sustainability in business.

Usher in Financial Stability

We understand just how much utility bills can take from your business’s coffers, so allowing the sun to partially power your lights, cooling and other appliances and tools for free is a no-brainer.

With Perth Solar Power Installations high-efficiency PV solar panels for business, you’re able to get the most out of the sun’s powerful rays here in Perth, keeping your bills low and your business in the green — helping you out when times get tough.

Reducing Your Impact

It’s not only financially smart to install panels but eco-friendly too. We don’t know a single business who would willingly wish to add more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and commercial solar panels are a surefire way to cut back.

To help give your business the best chance at cutting your emissions and meeting incoming carbon emission regulations, partner with Perth Solar Power Installations to install your new commercial solar panels today.

With our industry-leading solar panels and maintenance services, you can also expect to see your panels lasting upwards of twenty years.

Sustaining Peak Efficiency

Once your new panels are installed atop your business’s premises, we’re here to keep them clean and running effectively too. For our commercial customers, we offer fantastic routine cleaning services that strip back any debris, dirt, dust and sediment.

In most cases, these cleans can boost your solar panel efficiency by up to 30% if they’ve been left sit for a little too long.

Commercial Solar with

Transform your business, save on electricity, reduce your carbon footprint and keep your customers happy. There’s no simpler way than with Perth Solar Power Installation commercial solar.