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Wow, you have found our humble little site and instead of learning about solar panels you would like to learn about us? Well sure why not? We will try and keep it brief though.

Commitment to you: The team here at Perth Solar Power Installations are committed to looking after you first and foremost. We are passionate about solar panels but we believe it is equally important to give you the customer service you deserve. With out the support of our happy customers we wouldn’t be the business we are today.

Local: Many of us are born and bred locally so we know first hand just how hot it can be in Perth. Even more so we understand that on average Perth receives more sunlight that any other state in Australia. This allows us to capitalise on a massive opportunity to make solar energy and put it too good use. We believe that every house should be equipped with Solar Panels so people not only save money but reduce their ‘Carbon Footprint’.

Environment Awareness: We firmly believe that using renewable energy is the way of the future and that by starting now we can have an impact in reducing the environmental stress that we create on a day to day basis. It might seem like a small thing but solar panel installation can be a major step to help the environment AND save you money. How good is that?

Professional: This is our craft and we want to leave you with a fantastic impression of us. We aim to be professional, punctual and pedantic when it comes to our super solar team installing those panels of yours. We wouldn’t be doing our team or ourselves justice if we didn’t.

For more information on us or our Solar Panels please give us a call on 1300 926 166 or fill out the quote for to the right of page to get started. Alternatively you can contact us on our contact page.

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