Don’t let the idea of getting solar panels installed on your home or office be so daunting. It is really a simple process and the team at Perth Solar Panel Installations are here to make the experience as easy and quick as possible. All you need to do is fill out the quote form to the right of this screen to get in contact with one of our solar specialists. For those of you who have more questions we have provided some information for you below. Happy reading!


Want to get the most from your solar panels? So do we. that is why our expert team of solar panel installers will position your panels in the best possible spot to ensure maximum exposure to sunlight and therefore maximum solar energy to you.

Government Rebate

The Government want you to have solar panels. They want you to have them so much that they have even offered to offset some of the cost for you! That is pretty nice of them and make installing solar panels much more achievable for people on a tight budget. 

Make Money

Not many people know this but if your home is producing some extra solar power juice you can actually pump it back into the grid and you will get paid on it. It may only be a small amount to begin with but it is certainly better than nothing and it will add up over time. Just another way you can help the environment and your back pocket.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Solar panels are now a sort after item for people looking to buy a new home. Often builders will even come up with a ‘solar power package’ for new home buyers. Not only will solar panels make your home more appealing when it comes time to sell but it will add value to your home as well.

Quality That Is Made To Last

Well there is no point in having solar panels only lasting a couple of months is there? Lucky for you we use the very best quality panels that will withstand the elements and just about outlast your home.

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Solar panels are a long term investment with so many benefits and so much to offer. If you have read all you need to and are ready to take the next step then give us a call on 1300 926 166 or fill out the quote form to the right of page.

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