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you like to save?

If saving money on your energy bills, government rebates and making money wasn’t enough for you then why don’t you enquire about a solar hot water system and let those solar panels heat your water for you as well.

Not only do you get to cut down on more carbon emissions from using a more sustainable energy but you can continue to save money on your heating as well. This can lead to huge financial savings for you. Does it get much better?

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Interested in getting the most from all of Perth’s fine weather? Why not install a Solar Hot Water system on your home today and reap the benefits? Not only will a Solar Hot Water system help reduce your energy costs but will also add value to your home. It really is a win/win solution. Combine this with a range of our other solar products to really get those saving going.

So how does a Solar Hot Water system work exactly? We are glad you asked.

Solar Hot Water system works with heat. The outside heat warms the solar collector, which uses the heat to warm up the water of the tank. This explains why a Solar Hot Water system is more effective in summer than winter. In summer, as the outside temperature is always hot, the water in the tank is also always hot. In winter the system needs a “booster” to warm up the water of the tank, especially when is cold. This booster, either electric or gas, will warm up the water every time that it is not hot. The best way to increase the efficiency of the system is to install a timer so the booster will work only when you are home, and thus optimise your electricity or gas saving.

That’s the basics covered. For more information on our solar hot water systems give us a call on 1300 926 166 to speak to our solar panel experts or fill out our free quote form to the right of page to get started.

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