How does it work?

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Solar Panels consist of Photovoltaic Cells (PV).

These panels are installed to harness the radiation from the sun and convert it into electricity. When the suns rays hits the PV cells photons are activated. This process causes the photons to move about and generate electricity.

The electricity generated from the panels is DC (Direct Current)

This can’t be used around the home (but may be stored in batteries, more on that later), so must go through an inverter to be changed to AC (Alternating Current). This is better suited for household applications.

Extra electricity generated

from the solar panels is pumped back into the grid which your house generally runs from. Your house will stay connected to the grid in the event that if you need extra electricity on any particular day you can access it.

For those of you who are interested in going ‘off the grid’

due to being in a rural area for example it is possible to collect and store this electricity. For more information please follow the link.

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