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All You Need To Know About Perth Solar Panels

Solar technology is costly because we have to invest in new units. On the other hand, we can regain the cost eventually. Several countries such as Australia, rebates are offered by government organisations in cases where solar power is chosen. Power from the sun is the path of tomorrow. It is eco-friendly, advantageous and cheap. It does not generate deadly smoke which ruins our atmosphere.

The plus point is that we are self-sufficient. Just think about one less monthly settlement to make. A Solar Panel is an investment. It is a sensible fiscal asset. It is as well an investment for our coming years. Having solar energy for houses is the appropriate choice, considering that it is the future. Lastly, all that expense could increase the price of the home as well.

Various types of Perth Solar Panels

There are so many types of solar panels available in the market which you can easily access. Although the type of solar panel depends upon the requirement of building yet if you know about all types, its quality and services of solar panels then it will be easy for you to choose the right system.

If you are one of those who is interested to install solar panels at their premises but very much confused which type should be chosen then don’t worry, you have reached right place. People install different kinds of solar panels as per their requirement. Perth solar panels have various types, and these are mentioned below: -.

1.Crystalline Silicon

At present, 90% of world’s solar panels systems are based on silicon that’s why most of the solar panels are made of Crystalline Silicon. This is in demand these days. In these kinds of solar panels, purity of silicon matters a lot because the more perfectly aligned the silicon molecules are, the better the solar cell will be converting solar energy into electricity.


The solar cells which are made of monocrystalline silicon also known as single crystalline silicon. Anyone can recognize easily by an external even from coloring and uniform look that indicates high-purity silicon.


These kinds of solar panels were manufactured in 1980 which are also known as Polysilicon and multi-crystalline silicon. Polycrystalline solar panels need not of Czochralski process.

2. Thin-Film Solar Panels

These kinds of solar panels are inexpensive to make. They don’t mind the heat. The main disadvantage of these kinds of solar panels is: these require a very big space, and they are very inefficient. These can be seen in big solar farm projects, but you can’t install them on your roof.

3. Building-integrated Photovoltaics

These look like real roofing tiles but as everyone knows that good looks do cost a lot more. These are less efficient as compare to conventional photovoltaic. For these kinds of solar panels, you need a sunny, spacious roof to reduce your electricity bills. Their lifespan is also shorter than regular panels.

4. Best Solar Panel type for home use

If your solar installer expert evaluates your space then it will be easy for you to take the best one for your household. People who don’t have enough space for thin-film solar panels then crystalline-based solar panels will be best suited for your home. Mono and Poly both are good, and they also provide similar advantages. Monocrystalline solar panels generate more electrical power than polycrystalline.

How to maintain Perth solar panels

One of the biggest deals you can have is investing in solar panels. In regards with solar panels, just the benefits or advantage of using it is already a win-win deal for you and the environment. Hence, investing in solar panels is a one- time big-time investment, since it will cost a lot to have a new one. We came out with this tips on how you can make your solar panels last longer to maximize its usage and your investments.

1. Always Keep Them Clean

We all know that in anything we buy there is always a time for its maintenance, which we should always do and clean it up to make it function well. Since solar panels work quietly it is hard for us even to notice them, that is why we almost forget that we have them at all.

To make solar panels last longer, we need to maintain their cleanliness. When we say, maintain the cleanliness of your solar panels we don’t mean that you need to clean it every day. How often to clean your solar panels depends on the place you live in, if it’s too dusty in your area you need to clean it often but if not you can make it once a week, while in some area they can just need to clean it once a month.

2. Clean It The Right Way And Make It Shine

Like other appliances, there is always a right way to cleaning solar panels. And take note that it does not just need to be clean; it must be clean up in the right manner to make sure that the panels will still work after you clean it. There are cleaning kits that are really used for solar panels, if you are having doubts about doing it by yourself better get help from a professional solar panel company like Perth Solar Panels.

3. Remove Out The Shades

The main function of solar panel is to harvest solar energy or energy from the sun, so if there are obstructions on it, then it cannot perform its purpose. A possible reason of the shade is an overgrown tree. If you are an environmentalist by heart instead of cutting these trees down you can just trim it down and get it out in the way of your solar panels. You need to do this for your panels to work 100%.

4. Observe The Panels

Here you should know or at least have read your solar panels manual; you should make it a point to at least observe your solar panels especially the part of panels which is called inverter display. You don’t have to do anything but monitor it if it’s working in the right way according to the manual.

5. Take Down Notes

If you want to know if you’re solar panels is giving you the right performance, and you want to know it, we advice that you take notes of the energy that your solar panels system has produced. If you are having a hard time doing this, there are monitoring systems that you can use for doing this.

Sometimes we just need to know the basics things about the things that we use and be capable of taking care of them, so we can get the best from there in our home usage, and make it a good deal.

Sometimes we just need to know the basics things about the things that we used and be capable of taking care of them, so we can get the best from there in our home usage, and make it a good deal.

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